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Blog Post | What is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

What is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

A ductless AC unit is a cooling system for your home that can be installed without ductwork. It is excellent for older homes that do not have the space for ducting.

The ductless system connects an outdoor unit through a cooling refrigeration unit and electrical wiring to internal units in your home.

Installation simply requires a small hole in the wall to connect the units. The indoor units are commonly wall mounted but can also be installed on the ceiling or as a console unit.

The units allow for both heating and cooling of your home. Each indoor unit provides temperature control for the room or space it is installed in. You can have up to five indoor units connected to an outdoor unit (depending on the ductless system you choose this may change).

How Do Ductless AC Units Work?

The ductless system works by pulling warm air from your home into the indoor unit. The unit has evaporated coils inside. These coils carry refrigerant or coolant.

The warm air blows on the coils and cools then is released into the room. The coils continuously circulate new refrigerant into the indoor unit from the outdoor compressor. This means your system won’t need to expel any gas into your home.

The Pros And Cons of Ductless AC Units

There are pros and cons to everything and a ductless AC unit is no exception. Here are the top pros and cons of getting a ductless AC unit installed in your home.


  1. They are energy efficient
  2. They are energy efficient
  3. They give you more control over individual room temperature
  4. Easy to add to new additions (can be used on top of a central AC unit)
  5. They are quieter than stand-alone units
  6. They offer filtration for Allergy and dust control
  7. They can heat and cool your home (depending on the unit you choose)
  8. They can heat and cool your home (depending on the unit you choose)
  9. They can be integrated with a smart home system and come with individual remotes for each unit
  10. They can be integrated with a smart home system and come with individual remotes for each unit


  1. They have a high cost of installation especially since you may need multiple units
  2. They are visible in your home
  3. Maintenance is required on the system and filters should be emptied often (monthly)
  4. The system can sometimes struggle in extreme temperatures

Learn more about the costs you may incur when installing a new AC unit.

Ductless Vs Central Air

A ductless system is a good option for people who can not install a central AC unit or for homes that need to add extra cooling to an addition or room that is not being served by the central AC unit.

When compared directly ductless AC units often have higher system costs than a central AC units. That is before you add in ducting. The cost of central AC when your home has pre-existing ductwork is not comparable.

The difference comes in for homes that cannot add additional ductwork or need to extend their system in some way.

The systems work in a similar fashion. The major difference is a ductless system gives you greater individual room temperature control. A central AC unit will be able to work better in more extreme climates as the central outdoor unit has a larger compressor.

The other reason a ductless system may be better for your home is that ductwork can lose up to 30% efficiency. With the lack of ducting and temperature controls ductless systems are some of the most energy-efficient options on the market for cooling your home.

If you are unsure about upgrading your AC unit check out our recent article.

Understanding Your AC Units BTUs

BTU is a British Thermal Unit. It is what all AC units use and measures how much heat or cooling is required to raise or lower the temperature.

To simplify the calculation you can use this handy BTU calculator.

To understand how many BTUs you will need to cool your home we need to look at a simple calculation:

20 BTU x Area (ft2)

This is how your BTU is measured. What you need to find out is how many square feet of your home are you looking to cool with each unit.

Common sizes include:

  • 150 to 250 sf; Capacity (in BTUs per hour): 6,000
  • 250 to 300 sf; Capacity (in BTUs per hour): 7,000
  • 300 to 350 sf; Capacity (in BTUs per hour): 8,000

Do Ductless AC Units Use a Lot of Electricity?

A ductless AC unit is considered one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems. The system can be turned on and off in rooms that require more or less temperature control.

How Many Square Feet Does a Mini Split Cool?

The square feet a ductless unit can cool depends on the unit you choose. A single system can commonly cover up to 1200 square feet of space. The more space the unit covers the higher the price.

Do Ductless AC Units Also Heat Your Home?

A ductless AC system can heat your home if the temperatures you live in are moderate. Your heating will depend on the system you choose and whether the system can work in your specific climate. It is best to talk to an HVAC specialist to understand the options available to you.

Do You Have to Change Any Filters?

Ductless systems do require maintenance. Each unit has a filter. It is recommended by companies like Carrier to clean your ductless unit filter once a month during warm weather. This maintenance will also depend on the type and size of your unit.

Can Ductless AC Units Dehumidify?

Can Ductless AC Units Dehumidify?
If you are looking for maintenance for your AC unit in the Regina area give us a call at (306) 552-5489. We are a licensed family-owned HVAC company that specializes in caring for your air conditioning unit.

How Long Do Ductless AC Units Last?

Depending on the unit you choose and the manufacturer a ductless AC unit can last between 10 to 30 years. The system will work at optimal efficiency if maintenance is also done on each unit.

Are Ductless AC Units Noisy?

A ductless AC unit is much quieter than a stand-alone unit or a window unit. This is because the ductless unit has a compressor on the outside of the home. The only thing you hear inside is the fan that moves the air around.

It is comparable to the noise of a central air conditioning system.

Do Ductless Systems Pull Air From Outside?

No ductless system will not pull air from outside. The unit will recycle the air in your home. The refrigeration used in the coils is the only thing being cycled to the outside unit.

Do Ductless Systems Produce Gas?

A ductless system will not produce gas in your home. It uses electricity and moves all the refrigerant and cooling to the outdoor unit.

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