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Frequently Asked Questions About Appliance Financing

  • How do I qualify for Financeit?

    Financeit will pre-approve applicants based on information they gather from your credit reports.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    Financeit has financing choices that are transparent and straightforward. Any associated costs will be clearly presented upfront, so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Interest rates vary depending on a few factors.

  • Can I finance all my home improvements?

    Financeit. covers everything from furnaces, AC units, and water heaters.

  • How long can I finance for?

    Amortization periods may differ and are dependent upon factors such as your loan amount, credit report specifics and the type of product or project you’ve acquired.
    Amortization periods can range from 12 months to 20 years.

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Financing may be a better option for your home improvements.

Home improvements can come when you least expect them. As a family, we understand you can’t always pay for large expenses when you need them the most.

Financing may be a better option for your home improvements. Trusted Plumbing & Heating has partnered with Financeit to offer flexible financing for your home improvement needs.

Financeit is a financing solution that will cover large home improvement expenses like a new furnace, water heater, or air conditioning unit. Financeit can also help out when larger repairs are needed.

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Financeit provides small loan financing for your family. It’s an easy way to break down that large purchase into low monthly installments.

Payments through debit

Pay off loans at any time

Easy application

No hidden fees

Fast approvals

Low monthly payments

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