50 gallon Whirlpool Water Heater Installation

Have you ever been interested in how a water heater is installed? We will take you through a recent installation of a tank water heater system.

Replacing The Old Water Heater 

Old water heaters can start to leak over time. We responded to a call of an in-home system that started to leak into the homeowner’s basement. 

When we arrived on site, the basement floor was covered in water and the old tank was turned off and no longer functioning. 

To get started we drained the old tank. We took a few more steps to clean up the area. After the old water heater tank was drained we disconnected the gas. This ensures no gas leaks when the system is removed. 

The system was removed from the water and electrical system. Once the system was removed from electrical, gas, and water we removed the old tank. 

The replacement unit was a 50-gallon Whirlpool conventional storage-tank water heater.

Installing The New Water Heater 

First, our team installed brand new venting using the home’s existing chimney system. 

The supply line and the shut-off valve were replaced. We added brand new piping and fixtures. 

The old gas line and gas shut-off valve were replaced.

In order to prevent future leaking onto the basement floor, we also installed a water heater drain pan underneath the unit. The water will now be captured in the drain pan if the tank leaks in the future. 

This will save the floor in the future and lower the risk of damage to the basement. Every tank-based system should have a catching pan. 

What to Watch Out For on Water Tank Installation

There are some important things to look out for on your hot water tank installation. Checking these things may also give you a heads up on whether your system needs an upgrade. 

Your hot water isn’t working as expected

When your hot water is turned on and you have a slow or limited hot water supply your tank may need some repair or maintenance. Your system may also be too small for your home’s water usage. 

Check the thermostat and make sure it is set at the proper temperature before calling a service specialist!

The age of your water heater

The age of a water tank is important. Systems are more likely to leak or have problems at the age of 10. If you don’t know your tank’s age, book a maintenance call. It is better to be prepared than to run out of hot water. 

Water is leaking from your tank

A water tank should be replaced immediately when it starts to leak. A small leak can turn into a large leak. Your home was not made to hold water and a large leak can cause very expensive damage. Once the system starts to leak it is not easily fixed. In most cases, the entire system needs to be replaced. 

Your water tank rumbles when it is turned on

Noises are commonly from mineral buildup in your system. A maintenance call can put your mind at ease and help you sleep better at night. Debris can come in contact with the heating element making noise. Sometimes the noise is a simple fix. However, some noises are a signal that your tank is failing and likely needs to be replaced. 

Is Your Home Ready For a New Water Heater? 

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