our qualified professionals will test your water to find out exactly what you need for the safest, best tasting water possible

We take water treatment very seriously

Southern Saskatchewan has some of the hardest water in the world. The initial assessment is crucial to determining the exact requirements of your water treatment needs. Unfortunately, our competitors are often too busy selling you equipment that they want to sell and not what you need. At Trusted Plumbing and Heating Inc. You can rest assured that professionals are examining the exact grains of hardness, the iron content, bacteria levels, sediment, colour, taste, and odour of your aquifer to provide you with the custom tailored solution to clean delicious drinking water in your residential or rural home.

Water Heaters and Whole-House Water Treatment Systems Both Purchase and Rental Options Available

Looking to replace or upgrade your current water heater? We are Regina’s best reviewed contractor, with options to fit any budget.

Trusted Plumbing and Heating specializes in delivering complete water quality solutions. Our water heater solutions ensure that you never run out of hot water and that you stop overpaying for your water heating energy bills. Our water treatment solutions can correct hard water problems through state-of-the-art water softeners, turning dry, itchy skin smooth and silky. A whole-home, automatic water filtration system can remove harmful metals, chemicals and bacteria from your drinking water, potentially reducing illness while improving your health.

Trusted Plumbing and Heating Sells and Installs Water Heaters. We Rent Water Heaters as well. We also Repair Water Heaters.

Water Softeners and Whole-House Automatic Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration, purification and softening

The installation of a water treatment system should always start with a water analysis and an assessment of your household water consumption.  Once this is complete we can suggest the proper system and size for your home.

When you install a whole-house automatic water filtration system your water problems will disappear. Rid your water of troublesome iron, sediment, bad tastes, stains, colour and odours.

We can also treat bacterial problems with chlorine or UV based applications.

The proper water treatment system can include some or all of the following pieces:  softeners, iron/manganese filters, active carbon filters for taste and odour, chlorinators and/or UV lights to kill bacteria, and finally a reverse osmosis for taste.


We also do water softener and purification systems at Trusted Plumbing and Heating