AC maintenance Tips

How to Care For Your AC Unit

An AC unit is a great addition to any home. Temperatures in Regina can get up to 25 degrees in the summer months. 

An important thing about owning a home with AC is the maintenance required on your unit. You can take a few steps at home to keep your air conditioner serviced properly. 

Benefits of Maintenance

Before getting into the meat of this article it’s important to know why we suggest maintenance on your air conditioner. 


Worn-down parts can make your unit work harder. Your air conditioner will need more energy to produce less cooling for your home. There are a few parts that commonly wear down.

  • Air filters – Catch all the particles and dust in your air keeping particles away from the heat plates
  • Capacitor – the electrical unit that runs your system
  • Fan motor – The motor that controls the speed of the fan
  • Evaporator coils – Hold the refrigerant and help cool the air pulled into the unit
  • Compressor – The engine of your unit
  • Ducts – The tubing that blows cool air through your home
  • Thermostat – How you control your units temperature output

Increased Life Span

When parts are serviced there is a lower chance that important pieces like the compressor don’t overheat and explode. 

It is easier to fix a part in your system before it breaks. Some pieces may break and cause harm to other parts of the system. Your AC unit should last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. 

Lower Energy Costs

Worn parts can create increased pressure on the system. Your unit should always be kept clean to make sure dust and dirt don’t corrode the system. 

Dirt will block the airflow to the system. With a decrease in available airflow, your compressor needs to work harder to keep your house at the temperature you have set. 

A ductless system will work differently than a central AC unit. Check out our article on the ductless AC unit

Maintenance You Can Perform Yourself

There are a few things you can do at home to keep your system running smoothly all year. We advise that you always turn off the unit before performing any maintenance. Make sure there is no chance that your unit is still pulling electricity in. This is very important if you are washing parts or checking any electrical. 

If you find your system is not working at the optimal performance we have a great article on steps to take if you think your AC unit should be upgraded

Monthly maintenance

  • Check your air filter

Clean or replace your filter every month that your unit is turned on. During the off-season, you should check to make sure the filter is clean and in good standing before turning your unit on. 

Each central air conditioning unit will have a slightly different system. Some filters are in your wall ducting and some are directly in your indoor and outdoor unit. Check online for your specific unit make and model to find where your filter is kept. Make sure you are checking all the filters in your system. 

Common places to find your filter: 

  • Behind the return air grille in the wall or ceiling 
  • Inside the blower compartment of the air handler or furnace
  • In a slot on the side, bottom or top of your furnace

Yearly Maintenance

Before turning your AC unit on at the start of summer check the system to make sure nothing looks out of place. 

  • Check your thermostat

Your thermostat sets the temperature of your air conditioner. Without it your system may work harder than you need it to or not work at all. Check to make sure the temperature in your home matches what the thermostat states it should be. 

A SMART thermostat can save you money long term. With the ability to set different temperatures at different times of the day you can save on energy and keep your house at the optimal temperature. You can use a SMART thermostat to set the temperature of your AC unit higher when you are not at home. This will give your system a little bit of a break. 

  • Clean the outside of your outdoor unit

Sticks and leaves can get sucked into your unit. This decreases airflow to the system. Check there is nothing stuck in the system and wash the unit down getting all the dirt and debris out of the coils. 

Don’t use a pressure washer only use a house. The pressure washer can be too intense for some of the parts of the unit including the coils and fan. 

Make sure your system is turned off before spraying it. 

  • Check your units fan 

Wash down the fan in your unit. Make sure there is no debris in the way of your fan performing as it should.

Check the fan blades to make sure they are all straight and that they will continue to spin without any slowing down. Fans can sometimes get bent out of shape. If your fan is a little bent simply bend it back. If you do not think the fan will go back to its original shape you can easily find replacement fans. 

Check the fan for any cracks or chips and replace it if you find any to keep your system running optimally. 

  • Check the pad or block your outdoor ac unit is on

Your AC unit will often sit on a cement back or wood block. This keeps your system level. If you notice the pad sinking you may need to have it fixed. Your unit should stay level to work at its best. 

If you are unsure about any maintenance or want to order parts give us a call at (306) 552-5489. We are a family-owned HVAC company that services all of Regina.

Recommended Servicing Schedule

For optimal performance, we recommend servicing your air conditioner twice a year. Once before the hot season (end of Spring) and once when you turn your air conditioner off (start of Autumn).

What Does Routine Maintenance cover?

When you get routine maintenance done on your air conditioner from professional companies like Trusted Plumbing we will: 

  • Check for leaks like refrigerant
  • Replace air filters
  • Perform a routine check on all electrical 
  • Check for issues with the fan and coils 

Trusted Plumbing & Heating offers a VIP program for our clients. If you want to save money on your maintenance packages and parts send us a message to learn more about our VIP program. If you are looking for maintenance for your AC unit in the Regina area give us a call at (306) 552-5489. We are a licensed family-owned HVAC company that specializes in caring for your air conditioning unit.