Furnace Repair

Is it Better to Repair or Replace

A good rule of thumb is that you should replace the furnace if your repairs cost more than 50% of the replacement cost. It may also be worth replacing if your system is within the last 5 years of its life.

It is always worth having a trusted furnace specialist look at your furnace to give you a diagnosis. When you are looking at replacing a higher ticket appliance it is worth having an expert give you an honest opinion.

The cost of your furnace replacement will depend on two main factors: the type of furnace you need and the size of furnace you need. If someone gives you a general price or you look one up on Google it may not include important factors and will give you a false number.

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Is it Worth Repairing Your Furnace?

A furnace should last in your home between 15 – 20 years.

Your furnace will last longer with proper maintenance. If you have maintained your furnace and your furnace seems to be in proper working order it should last all 20 years.

The problem is your furnace may need to be repaired. You may be asking “Is it worth repairing or should I replace it?”

The answer is, it depends. While we want to give you a better response it really does depend on what’s wrong with your furnace. If you’re unsure, you should have a fully licensed HVAC technician advise you on the cost difference between your specific repairs, whether or not there’s warranty on those repairs, and how much a full new furnace installation would cost in comparison.

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