Get Financing

Home improvements can come when you least expect them. As a family, we understand you can’t always pay for large expenses when you need them the most.

Financing may be a better option for your home improvements. Trusted Plumbing & Heating has partnered with SNAP Financing to offer low-cost financing for your home improvement needs.

Snap Financing is a no credit financing solution that will cover large home improvement expenses like a new furnace, water, heater, or air conditioning unit. Snap Financing also helps out when repairs are needed.

Snap Financing provides small loan financing for your family. Pay monthly installments instead of a large lump sum.

Snap Financing has many great benefits.

  • Easy application
  • Fast approvals
  • Low monthly payments
  • Pay off loans at any time
  • Payments through debit and credit cards
  • No credit required

Frequently Asked Questions About Appliance Financing

Can I finance an Appliance or Home Improvement With Bad Credit?

Snap financing works on a lease to own basis. Because of this it is more flexible and can often get around low credit. Not all credit scores will be accepted but Snap Financing will take all inputs into account to help you out as best they can.

What is a Lease to Purchase?

A lease-purchase is a form of lease where you rent the merchandise from Snap Finance for a designated period after which you gain ownership of the item. You may also pay off the lease and gain ownership at any time through a 100-Day payment option or early purchase option with Snap Financing.

Can All Home Improvements Be Financed?

Snap Financing covers everything from furnaces, AC units, and water heaters. Application is done online and easy to get started.

How Long Can I Finance Through Snap Financing?

Snap Financing commonly sets their lease to own payments at 12 months from the date of purchase. Time can be extended but talk to a specialist about your specific needs.