AC in the summer is so important thats why you should count on trusted plumbing and heating for service and sales


If you’ve never experienced the comfort of a modern, high efficiency central air conditioning system, you’ve got to do yourself a favour and look into acquiring one. The evenness of the temperature throughout your home will astound you and the humidity control will keep your skin silky smooth even on the stickiest, humid summer days. A central air conditioning system can make the difference between sleeping like a baby, or tossing and turning all night long.

If your air conditioner just isn’t cooling the way you need it to, then it’s time for an upgrade. Not only will this increase the comfort of your home, but today’s high efficiency air conditioners are also cheaper to run. On this project, we upgraded an existing 8 SEER air conditioner, whose better days had since past, to a 13 SEER Tempstar central air conditioning system. Let’s take you through the details:

  • As always, the first step was to recover the refrigerant from the old system.
  • Next, on to disconnecting the outside unit and inside at the coil.
  • The old coil was removed from above the furnace and the old lines pulled.
  • The new cooling coil was then installed and a new line set run.
  • A new concrete pad was put in place to support the base of the new outdoor compressor unit.
  • We then connected the new line set to the new compressor.
  • The electrical was then connected from the service disconnect to the compressor unit.
  • The system was cycled on and we charged the unit to the appropriate refrigerant levels.

Warmer days are ahead of us, so keep your cool over the dog days of summer with a new air conditioner from Trusted Plumbing and Heating. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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