This was one of our first central air conditioner installations of the year and kudos to the homeowner for taking the initiative to start early. It’s human nature to, more often than not, wait until a problem happens and then simply try to fix it. We are much less likely to act in a preemptive manner to try and avoid problems, like an air conditioner failure, by proactively upgrading old, inefficient equipment. This can often times save you even more money over the long haul, and can definitely save you the stress and inconvenience of an unexpected mid-summer a/c breakdown.

The Tempstar Performance 14 central air conditioner

On this project, we installed a brand new Tempstar Performance 14 central air conditioner, rated at 14 SEER. We started by recovering the refrigerant from the old system from the outdoor compressor. We then disconnected the electrical and refrigerant lines and removed the old outdoor unit. We then removed the old cooling coil from above the furnace and the old refrigerant lines. We installed a new coil and ran new lines. We placed and levelled a new concrete pad and put the new outdoor compressor into place. We connected the new refrigerant lines to the compressor, installed a new service disconnect and connected the electrical to the outdoor unit. Finally, we then cycled the air conditioner on and charged the unit to the correct refrigerant levels. Ready for summer!

Tempstar central air conditioner

 If you are in need of an air conditioner upgrade or just have some questions about your existing unit, call us today.

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