Replacing a leaking old water heater with a new conventional 50 gallon tank

For this project, we responded to a leaking water heater call. When we arrived on site, the basement floor was covered in water and the old tank was turned off and no longer functioning. We started by draining the old tank, disconnecting all of the gas, water and electrical, and removing the tank from the premises.

The replacement unit was a 50 gallon Whirlpool conventional storage tank water heater.

Whirlpool conventional water heater

The new tank was installed with brand new venting, using the existing chimney system. We replaced both the supply lines and the shut off valve with brand new piping and fixtures. The old gas line and gas shut off valve were also replaced.

I order to prevent future leaking onto the basement floor, we also installed a water heater drain pan underneath the unit. If the tank leaks in the future due to excessive aging, the water will now be captured in the drain pan versus leaking onto the floor.

Ready for a new water heater?

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